Rekomendacja 5

She is very helpful. I am from Krakow and needed some documents urgently. She did it within the day and with very reasonable charges. Also delivered it on her personal trip.

Kiran Kothawade

Rekomendacja 4

One step solution for all your translations work with utmost quality and sense of good service. Kasia was quick and kept her promise to deliver my document on time , doesn’t matter which city you are requesting from , just send the document and she will take care of everything with decent fees. Appreciate her work and recommend people to avail her service.

Asif Michal


Kasia is a wonderful professional. I had her services during my driving exam and her translations were accurate and easy to understand. Furthermore, she is punctual, polite and replies fast. I recommend her work!

Nicole Sacksida


Kasia is an outstanding individual who is highly experienced and able to work on her own initiative. The quality of her work is very high as she is a Court Certified Translator. Kasia works flexibly and well under pressure, going that extra mile when needed without question. I continue to use Kasia and I would have no hesitation in recommending Kasia or providing a personal/professional reference.

Tom Toolan


Very good , very kind, gave me a normal price. Katarzyna did the translation of my BA degree from Tel Aviv University and MA degrees from Hebrew university of Jerusalem – both from Israel, with Apostille on them. This in order to get the Work Permit from Wydział Spraw Cudzoziemców.

Edwar Makhoul